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Thursday, June 4, 2009

30th Anniversary for High Hopes Traumatic Brain Injury Supporter Henry W. Hochstatter for Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital Franciscan Healthcare

My name is Henry W. Hochstatter.
I am a TBI supporter for High Hopes at
Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital.
The month of June in 2009 reminds me
of the first time I attended the High Hopes
Support Group for Traumatic Brain Injury,
since my tragic accident with a semi-truck on
March 23, 1979, along Addison Road, in Addison,

I am the founding member of the High Hopes TBI
Support Group at Marianjoy in Wheaton, since
Dr. Jay Subaru established the High Hopes
Traumatic Brain Injury Support Group at
Marianjoy Rehabilitation

I was still in a wheelchair at the time, so I was
wheeled over to the Cafeteria to attend the first
High Hopes TBI meeting, downstairs at the Marianjoy
Healthcare Center. The first High Hopes meeting
started at 7:00 p.m. in the evening, on the second
Tuesday, in June 1979.

High Hopes TBI Support Group promotes hope for the
future, while thinking of positive thoughts and ideas
for recovery. To me, High Hopes represents a TBI support
group in hopes that TBI patients do better on
their journey to recovery.

Since my traumatic brain injury in 1979, I had broken
my armcast on the right side at Marianjoy. I remember
being on a wheelchair and learning to walk outside,
while watching the mallard ducks outside the Marianjoy
Rehabilitation Center. In 2009, I celebrate my 30th anniversary
from recovery of a traumatic brain injury with treatment and
rehabilitation at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Healthcare Center
in Wheaton, Illinois, USA.