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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

CDC - Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs) - Healthy Swimming & Recreational Water - Healthy Water

CDC - Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs) - Healthy Swimming & Recreational Water - Healthy Water

Northeastern Illinois University: College Years in the 1970s and early 1980s

When I graduated from Madonna High School in May 1977, I received High Honors and Advanced Placement for Honors classes in the upper 10 percent of the Class of 1977. Both my parents and family attended the graduation ceremony where I graduated with cap and gown. The summer of the year 1977 I was rewarded with a vacation from my parents who were very happy that I had completed four years of high education in a Catholic school. My Father who was working for Felt-Products Corporation in Skokie, Illinois received $1,000 for having a high school graduate in the family. Felt-Products Corporation invited me and my Father to visit the headquarters in Skokie for the occasion where I received my high school graduation gift to help me with savings toward college tuition. In addition, I started working at Samuel R. Lewis and Associates Inc. with the late Mr. Joseph Pelletier, Engineer and President of the Consulting Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Contractors on Wells Street across the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, Illinois, upon referral from Sr. Rosemarie, my counselor from Madonna High School which was located on the northwest of Chicago. My family was living on Waveland near Lori and Mary Schulte who were high school neighbors and we used to take the bus together when my Father could not drive us to Madonna High School in the new white Ford Gran Torino. Thirty-five years ago, I was sent to Northeastern Illinois University by my Father, Mr. Roberto Hung J.D. who insisted that I should become a teacher at the Illinois State College which was a member of the Board of Governors of State Colleges and Universities. Since my Father worked in Skokie at the Felt-Products Corporation known for manufacturing gaskets in the automobile industry, his co-workers and friends highly recommended Northeastern Illinois University as a good choice for an Illinois State University in 1977. Felt-Pro Corporation rewarded employees like my father who had a high school graduate with High Honors in the family with $1,000 for college tuition at the Illinois State institution of higher education. In addition, Felt-Products supported employees educational goals for their children with the Mecklenburger Scholarship which subsidized tuition for one semester during the university’s academic year. I only received the Mecklenburger Scholarship in 1977 and 1980 from the Felt-Products Corporation in Skokie, Illinois while my Father was an employee there. The fifth year of college at NEIU, I was granted an Illinois Guaranteed Loan to complete my college studies. The Illinois Guaranteed Loan for college tuition was paid in full during 1983 while I worked for Holy Cross High School for Boys, a Christian Brothers School in River Grove, Illinois USA. I attended Northeastern Illinois University in the Fall of 1977 and continued my college studies there for the next five (5) years, until I completed the Student Teaching curriculum at NEIU in December 1982 with a Bachelor of Arts in Education, French, Spanish, and English. I am a graduate NEIU Alumni from the Class of 1982. While I worked for Samuel R. Lewis & Associates Inc. during the summer, I started saving for college expenses at Northeastern Illinois University where I had been accepted with Advanced Placement to start in the Fall 1977. In September 1977, Dr. Bruno Galassi from Chairperson of the Foreign Languages Department accepted my Advanced Placement in French and introduced me to Mrs. Dorette Klein, the French Professor from Strasbourg, France. At the same time, NEIU place me at the Financial Aid Office as a student aide on campus in the College Work and Study Program where I worked for the next five (5) years at Northeastern Illinois University, 5500 N. St. Louis Avenue, B-Wing where there used to be an office instead of the classrooms there today. While I was studying as a college student at Northeastern Illinois University, my Mother became sick after she worked at Felt-Pro and was studying at Loyola University for a Master’s Degree in Spanish Literature at the Lewis Campus, Downtown in Chicago with Dr. Martinez, Dr. Carol Holdsworth, and other faculty who worked for the Jesuits there. My Mother’s mental stress disorder has caused stress and financial hardship for me and my family since my Mother was not able to work at all. My Father who worked at Felt-Products in Skokie, promised to help me with college expenses. I was working different jobs to save for college and family expenses since I lived at home to help my Mother who became sick during the five years I was studying as a college student at Northeastern Illinois University. While my Father worked for Felt-Pro, he was enrolled in a family healthcare plan which included the North Shore Clinic in Rogers Park and St. Francis Hospital in Evanston, Illinois USA. After my parents became divorced, my Mother was hospitalized at Illinois Masonic Advocate and Mercy Hospital in care of Dr. Eduardo Machado M.D. in Aurora, in addition to Chicago Read Mental Health Center in Illinois, USA. My Father, Mr. Roberto Hung J.D. visited the North Shore Clinic in Rogers Park for eye glasses and check-ups and also made appointments at St. Francis Hospital in Evanston, near Felt-Pro in Skokie, Illinois. Four years later, in the Fall of 1981, I was involved in the French Honor Society and elected as an officer the French Club where Dorette Klein was managing French cultural events on campus from her office in the basement of the Classroom Building known today as the Lech Walesa Center. There is where Dorette Klein introduced me to Benjamin Wolf who was referred to her office by a friend of the Yeshiva High School where Ben Wolf had graduated. Ben Wolf is the son of Arthur Wolf, a corporate executive from Leo Burnett, the Chicago advertising agency located downtown. Ben Wolf invited me to Rogers Park for deep dish pizza along Sheridan Road at My π for the mathematical equation A=πr^2. When Ben Wolf used to drive around in his station wagon through Uptown and Edgewater, he told me that his friends lived in the area for more than thirty years. Now in 2013, Ben Wolf is no longer living in the same area nor is My π the pizza place along Sheridan Road near Loyola University Lake Shore Campus in Rogers Park, Illinois. ©2013 Gardenia C. Hung. All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Marianjoy Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare Center

 Modern Art: You Can Do It! High Hopes Brain Injury Support Group Tuesday, March 12, 2013 6:30-8:00 p.m. Marianjoy Board Room, Henry J. Hyde Conference Room, 3rd Floor Speakers: Joe Eddy Brown and Jan P. Voogd For more information, contact Dr. Nancy Devereux, (630) 909-8607 or Michelle Monks, M.S., CCC-SLP, (630) 909-8562 Marianjoy Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare

Monday, March 4, 2013

Cook County Office of the Medical Examiner: Correction of A Death Record

Attention Stephen Cina M.D.
Cook County Chief Medical Examiner
Mary E. Marik, RHIA
Supervisor, Medical Records
2121 West Harrison
Chicago, Illinois 60612

Honorable Stephen Cina, M.D., Cook County Medical Examiner, Mary E. Marik, et al.

Your Reference: Mr. Roberto Hung, 6/25/1998, 0040641 Correction of Death Certificate Requested by Mrs. Gardenia C. Hung (Wittler), Lombard resident homeowner, P.O. Box 1274, Lombard Illinois 60148-8274

Greetings on Saturday, February 23, 2013. My name is Gardenia C. Hung (Wittler), Executor Trustee for the Estate of Mr. Roberto Hung Supplemental Care Trust. I have requested the correction of the Death Certificate for Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor, DOD 6/25/1998 from the Illinois Department of Public Health, Division of Vital Records Case No.0040641. Following a letter from Mary E. Marik, dated January 8, 2013, I requested official court medical records and autopsy recorded and filed at the DuPage Judicial Center, Henry H. Hyde Judicial Office Facility, Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Court Clerk Chris Kachiroubas at 505 North County Farm Road, in Wheaton, Illinois 60187 USA. Please acknowledge receipt of the official court medical records and autopsy for Mr. Roberto Hung DOD 6/25/1998 who had a funeral at Brust Funeral Home in care of John Brandon Brust, President, Funeral Director at 135 South Main Street, Lombard, Illinois 60148 USA, Telephone (630) 629-0094. Attached is a Photograph of Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor taken in the Village of Lombard, Illinois 60148 USA.
In the City of Northlake, Mr. Roberto Hung was throttled, injured, and murdered by Respiratory Therapist Ben Aguilar at the Special Care Unit in Vencor Northlake Hospital under the care of Dr. Paul Grodzin M.D., Dr. Raied Abdullah, M.D., Dr. Frankle, Dr. Oliveras, and other physicians, Nurse Janelle Nance, Director of Nursing, other nurses, and staff at the Special Care Unit on June 18, 1998, in City of Northlake, Cook County, Illinois 60164.
There is recorded in the County of Cook, a Northlake Police Department Investigation Complaint No. 98-1392 filed by Michael Brletich, Officer No. 140, Sargent D. DiIulio on June 18, 1998, attached herewith as Exhibit A. The Autopsy was performed and certified by Shaku Teas, M.D., Forensic Pathologist, 1123 Ashland, River Forest Illinois 60305, Tel: 708-366-4389, at Brust Funeral Home, 135 South Main St., Lombard, Illinois.

Attention Mary Marik (Medical Examiner)
Office of the Cook County Medical Examiner
Re: State of Illinois Certificate of Death Correction for Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor, DOD June 25, 1998, #0040641
Facsimile of the Northlake Police Report No.98-1392 from the Northlake Police Department, Reporting Officer Michael Brletich, Star No. 140, and Supervisor Sargent D. DiIulio, dated June 18, 1998
Ms. Marik,
My name is Gardenia C. Hung (Wittler), Executor Trustee for the Estate of Mr. Roberto Hung Supplemental Care Trust, a public court record in care Chris Kachiroubas Circuit Court Clerk at the DuPage Judicial Center, Henry J. Hyde Judicial Office Facility, Case No.1997P000076 which contains a summary report, 505 North County Farm Road, Wheaton, Illinois 60187.
In addition, the Cook County Medical Examiner can verify medical records for Mr. Roberto Hung under Illinois Medicare, Illinois Blue Cross Blue Shield Health and Supplemental Health Care, The Principal Health Care Group, COBRA, and Physicians Mutual Care already filed for public medical records in this case. I have already faxed a copy of the Northlake Police Report No. 98-1392 filed in Cook County, Illinois USA. In addition, I have forward via email the Autopsy Case # 189-98 by Shaku Teas, M.D. Forensic Pathologist. Mr. Roberto Hung's Funeral was arranged at the Brust Funeral Home Director John Brandon Brust, President, Funeral Director, TOLL FREE (888) 629-0094, Fax (630) 629-0098, 135 South Main Street, Lombard, Illinois 60148 USA.
For Your Information, Mr. Roberto Hung, was hospitalized at Vencor Northlake Hospital in Cook County, and Elmhurst Memorial Hospital in DuPage County, in care of Dr. Paul Grodzin, M.D. and Dr. Raied Abdullah, M.D.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Autopsy of A Heinous Hate Crime at Vencor Northlake Hospital, Illinois USA

Shaku S. Teas M.D.

1123 Ashland

River Forest, IL  60305

(708)  379-5733

Case # 189 - 98

Name:  Roberto Hung                                           Date of Death:  6/25/98

Address:  502 S. Westmore                                Date of Autopsy:  6/18/98-6/25/98

                 Lombard, IL                                         Time of Autopsy: 7:30 am

Place of Autopsy:  Brust Funeral Home, 135 S. Main St., Lombard, IL

Age:   67                                Sex:  Male                 Race:  Cuban Chinese

EXTERNAL EXAMINATION:   The body is apparently that of a 67 year old, Cuban Chinese male weighing approximately 175-185 pounds and measuring 63 ½ inches.  Rigor mortis is minimally present throughout.  Liver mortis is present in the posterior dependent parts.  The body is received unclothed.

     The hair is black with gray in it and a receding hairline.  The eyes have been capped.  The irises are brown.  The corneas are cloudy.  The pupils are dilated.  There is slight icteric jaundice in both eyes.  The right eye shows areas of petechiae in the medial angle.  The external eaars and nose are intact.  The lower teeth are present.  The upper teeth are absent.  The right side of the face shows two superficial areas of abrasion measuring 0.5 x 0.6 cm.  The neck is short.  There is a tracheostomy opening in the suprasternal notch with a tracheostomy tube in place with gauze underneath it.

     The chest is symmetrical.  The abdomen is slightly distended.  There is a gastrostomy tube in the left upper quadrant.  The external genitalia are that of a normal male and both the scrotum and the penis are markedly edematous.  The back shows lividity.

     The lateral aspect of the left thigh shows a scar measuring 1.5 cm. in diameter.  The anterior aspect of the right knee shows an irregular scar measuring about  3 cm. x 2 cm.

     There is marked edema of the anterior shins and the dorsal aspects of both feet.  There is a name tag on the left toe.

     The entire body is markedly edematous.  The dorsal aspects of both hands are somewhat edematous.


1.     The suprasternal notch shows a tracheostomy opening as has been indicated.  The underlying trachea shows an opening with also a small opening below the main opening.

2.    The left upper quadrant of the abdomen shows a gastrostomy tube in place and the stomach opening is adherent to the anterior abdominal wall.

3.    There is a catheter in theurethra.

4.    The right wrist shows multiple hospital tags with the decedent’s name on it.

5.    The left anguinal region shows an intravenous catheter in place.


     Body Cavities:  The usual Y-shaped incision is made.  Both pleural cavities contain about 1000 -1200 ml. of serous fluid.  There is a large amount of serous fluid in the abdominal cavity.  The muscles are pale and markedly edematous.

      Cardiovascular System:  The heart is enlarged.  The epicardial surface is smooth.  The right ventricle is dilated.  The left ventricle is hypertrophied measuring  1.8 cm. in width.  The apical region on cut surface shows fatty infiltration of the myocardium and also an area of softening and necrosis are slightly thickened.  There are focal areas of fibrosis in the tips of the papillary muscle.  The left main coronary artery shows atherosclerosis with about 30% occlusion of the lumen.  The left anterior descending coronary artery proximally shows about 80% occlusion of the lumen by atherosclerosis and the left anterior descending coronary artery shows mild atherosclerosis.  The left circumflex coronary artery proximally shows 30% occlusion, and the rest is patent.  The right coronary artery is small  and shows mild atherosclerosis.  The aorta shows a moderate amount of atherosclerosis.  The pulmonary arteries are patent.

     Respiratory System:  The lungs show focal areas of adhesion to the thoracic wall.  The pleural surfaces are dull.  The apical region shows emphysema.  The cut surface of both the lungs are markedly congested and show a large amount of edema fluid with focal areas of consolidation.

     Neck Organs:  The neck organs are examined last by making a vertical incision in the neck.  The tongue is intact.  The larynx is intact; however, there is marked edema of the aryepiglottic fold and the muscles, and there is also submucosal edema of the larynx.  The upper trachea shows a tracheostomy opening and also a small opening below it.  The margins are slightly indurated.  There is definite hemorrhage or areas of hemorrhage around the tracheostomy.

     Hepatobiliary System:  The liver is slightly enlarged.  The margins are blunted.  The cut surface has a mottled appearance consistent with chronic passive congestion and is markedly congested.  The gallbladder is edematous and contains about 10 ml. of bile.  The external bile ducts appear to be patent.

     Genito-Urinary System:  The kidneys are small.  The capsules strip with difficulty.  The surface of both the kidneys are markedly granular and the cut surface shows an irregular cortex.  The calyceal system is slightly dilated.  The urinary bladder shows marked submucosal hemorrhages.  The prostate is of normal shape and size.

     Endocrine System:  The pancreas is of normal shape and size.  The cut surface is firm and lobulated.  The adrenal glands and thyroid gland are  unremarkable.

      Gastrointestinal System:  The esophagus is intact and shows slight edema of the wall.  The stomach is empty and there is petechial hemorrhages seen.  The mucosal surface is slightly congested.  The mucosa of the duodenum shows congestion of he mucosa and blood tinged mucoid material.  The ileum is collapsed.  The entire colon contains greenish and discolored fecal material.

     Musculo-Skeletal System:  The skeleton appears to be intact.  An incision is made in the left arm anteriorly and the underlying muscle show marked edema, hemorrhage.

    Central Nervous System:  The scalp is opened by a biparietal incision.  There is subgaleal hemorrhage.  The skull is intact.  The durameter is adherent to the skull and shows suture material on the right side.  The leptomeninges are thickened.  The sulci are widened and the gyri are narrowed.  The brain is soft.  The vessels at the base of the brain pursue a normal anatomical course and show mild atherosclerosis.  The brain is saved for the neuropathologist.


Lung:             There are focal areas of intra-alveolar hemorrhage.  The interstitial tissue shows fibroblastic proliferation.  Some of the alveoli contain eosinophilic material.  The bronchioles are obliterated by fibroblastic proliferation which extends to the alveoli in areas.  The proliferation shows papillary formation with reactive pneumocytes.

Heart:             The nuclei are enlarged.  There are extensive areas of fibrosis.

                       The coronaries show marked atherosclerosis.

Liver:              The sinusoids are markedly dilated.  The portal triads show mononuclear infiltration.

Spleen:          Shows congestion.

Kidney:          Many of the glomeruli are hyalinized.  The vessels show sclerosis.  Focal mononuclear infiltration is seen.  The mesengium is widened.  Occasional glomeruli show rounded, eosinophilic nodules.

Urinary           Shows submucosal hemorrhage


Pancreas:  There is focal interstitial fibrosis.  Adequate islets are seen.

Thyroid:          No histopathology.

Adrenal:         No histopathology.

G.I. Tract:       The esophagus and small bowel are unremarkable.

Prostate:        Shows glandular hyperplasia.


DIAGNOSIS:          1.   Hypoxic/Ischemic encephalopathy.

                                2.   Cerebral hemorrhage and infarct, old.

3.   Cardiomegaly with biventricular dilatation and left     

      ventricular hypertrophy.

4.   Coronary atherosclerosis.

5.   Myocardial fibrosis.

6.   Bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia (BOOP)

7.  Pulmonary edema and congestion.

8.  Bilateral pleural effusions.

9.  Emphysema.

10. Chronic passive congestion of the liver.

11. Arterionephrosclerosis.

12. Status post tracheostomy and feeding gastrostomy.

13. Acute renal failure (clinical) probably secondary to

      tubular necrosis.

14. Hemoptysis, terminal (clinical)



For the record, on June 18, 1998, Roberto Hung was hospitalized at Vencor Hospital, 365 East North Avenue in Northlake, Illinois  60164, where he was murdered, throttled and bludgeoned by Respiratory Therapist Ben Aguilar while he was asleep at the Special Care Unit under the care of Dr. Paul Grodzin, M.D., Dr. Raied Abdullah, M.D., Dr. Frankle M.D., Dr. Oliveras M.D., Janelle Nance R.N., Director of Nursing, and other healthcare staff at Vencor Northlake Hospital in Cook County, Illinois Telephone:  708/345-8100, Fax: 708/345-0470

Mr. Roberto Hung was abused, throttled, and murdered by Respiratory Therapist Ben Aguilar at Vencor Northlake Hospital under the care of  Dr. Paul Grodzin, Dr. Raied Abdullah, and other physicians, nurses, and staff on June 18, 1998.  Northlake Police Department Investigation Complaint No. 98-1392 filed by Michael Brletich, Officer No. 140, Sargent D. DiIulio on June 18, 1998.  The Autopsy was performed and certified by Shaku Teas, M.D., Forensic Pathologist, 1123 Ashland, River Forest, Illinois  60305, Tel: 708-366-4389. at Brust Funeral Home in Lombard.

Brust Funeral Home and Shaku Teas, M.D. Forensic Pathologist performed the Autopsy and found that Mr. Roberto Hung suffered and died from severe bleeding and internal damages to the respiratory tract, lungs, and puncture to his heart which caused his death by Respiratory Therapist Ben Aguilar under medical care of Dr. Paul Grodzin, M.D., and Dr. Raied Abdullah, M.D., at Vencor Northlake Hospital in Cook County, Illinois.

Mr. Roberto Hung was a Traumatic Brain Injury Patient who was injured from a severe and blunt hit to the head at his Lombard home on December 22, 1996, after he returned home from working at The Pampered Chef in Addison and Dominick’s Food Stores in Oakbrook Terrace. 

Mr. Roberto Hung has been an Illinois Victim of Heinous Hate Crimes who was hospitalized at St. Francis Hospital in Evanston, Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, Edwards Hospital, Manor Care Nursing Home, Marianjoy Rehabilitation Community Center, Elmhurst Memorial Hospital, Vencor Northlake Hospital in Northlake, Illinois.  Mr. Roberto Hung was fully insured by Medicare/Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Principal Financial Group, Physicians’ Mutual, COBRA, etc.
Vencor Northlake Hospital 365 East North Avenue, Northlake Illlinois  60164 USA

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Twelve Ways To Stay Healthy With The Blue Button

I WANT TO PRESS THE BLUE BUTTON TO DOWNLOAD MY DATA, FOR MY HEALTH RECORDS I want to check my cholesterol. I want to check my glucose. I want to check my hemoglobin. I want to check my pulse. I want to check my triglycerides. I want to check my blood pressure. I want to check my liver enzymes. I want to check my heart. I want to check my kidney proteins. I want to check my lungs. I want to check my BMI. I want to check for PAD. Yes, I am going to press the Blue Button, Yes, I am. I want my medical history. Yes I do. Yes, I am going to press the blue button. Yes, I am. I want to share my electronic health records, Yes, I do. Yes, I am going to press the blue button to download my data for my health records. Yes, I am. Original Lyrics by R.S. Hung,” Twelve Ways To Stay Healthy with the Blue Button”. In this ONC’s Blue Button Video Challenge, G.C. Hung and R.S. Hung introduce the Blue Button with original media and a lyrical song, “Twelve Ways To Stay Healthy with The Blue Button”, in order to bring awareness to the importance of accessing one’s Health Records by clicking the Blue Button to Download My Data for Vital Signs Test Results, Screening, and Health Check-Up. Anyone can use the Blue Button to improve your health and interactively become involved in one’s healthcare by clicking the Blue Button to Download My Data. Americans have a legal right to access health records for Medicare, healthcare providers, treatment and wellness lifestyle. Fast and efficient access to virtual lifetime health records can be achieved via the Blue Button facilitating electronic medical records at the click of the Blue Button online. Medical emergencies can be addressed upon demand with the Blue Button to download patients’ healthcare records, prescriptions, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery plans. More than a million people use the Blue Button to access healthcare records. “Twelve Ways To Stay Healthy with the Blue Button” displays original media featuring, the Way to Wellness Health Tour Bus, a mobile community outreach access to free health screening tests measuring total cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI), body composition, skeletal muscle, resting metabolism, visceral fat, real body age, and body weight. The Way to Wellness Mobile Health Tour offers free health tests to measure health indicators for leading chronic diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.