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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Alias Unknown Patient At The Emergency Room

When a patient is kidnapped against will and hit on the head to cause a concussion, memory loss, and undetermined unconsciousness, then the Emergency Room has an Alias Unknown person who cannot be identified by name without a legal identification card or a driver's license. Sometimes patients become lost and lose their birth- given identities in Illinois. Other times, hospitals, clinics, and health-care facilities change an individual's name by misspelling, negligence in medical services, or simply by ignorance on the healthcare providers and first responders like paramedics, emergency medical services (EMS), fire fighters, law enforcement personnel.
Alias Unknown Victims of Crime can perish without their birth names to become "John Doe" or "Jane Doe". Other Alias Unknown Abused Victims cannot speak while unconscious after being throttled, knocked down by a severe hit to the head with a blunt object, or injected with a hypodermic needle and mind-blocking drugs so that the victims cannot identify abusers, predators, criminals or medical staff providers who have also abused the victims while unconscious and physically injured to prevent justice to take place. 

Alias Unknown Victims of Crimes never appear before a Judge because they have been denied Victims of Crimes Rights in Illinois.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

From Chi-Town To The Western Suburbs At The Lombard Homes of Mr. Roberto Hung & Family

“From Chi-Town To The Western Suburbs”

When Paul Rathe, a young urban gay who lived on Roscoe Street near Halsted Street, Boys Town and Lakeview in Chicago, convinced my brother and mother to buy a Lombard home and move to the western suburbs in DuPage County during 1992, he did not tell them that buying Lombard real estate would cause chronic health and medical problems for them, long-term disease, psychiatric problems, violence against women, assault, physical abuse, biomedical and bio-sexual transgendered studies, hospitalizations, traumatic brain injuries, head concussions, tragedy, family death, and abuse of human rights in housing under the law in York Township, Illinois, USA. Paul Rathe introduced my brother and mother to Baird & Warner realtor Paulette Weininger who found a Lombard home for them at 342 West Harrison Street near Sacred Heart Catholic Church on Elizabeth Street, Finley Road and Main Street close to Walgreens, near the DuPage County Crisis Unit, a Medical Group Practice located at 440 South Finley Road and Washington Blvd. in the Village of Lombard, Illinois 60148 USA. Linda Schuster who lived in Westmont was the girlfriend of Paul Rathe who referred my brother and mother to buy a house in Village of Lombard, also known as Lilac Town for the annual Lilac Parade celebration near Main Street in Spring time.

Since Paul Rathe became a housemate with his Pomeranian white dog living with my brother and mother, he also introduced them to other gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) friends of his network in the Chicagoland area, while they lived in Lombard and the western suburbs of Illinois, USA.

Paul Rathe also referred other LGBT friends from Boys Town and Halsted Street to my brother and mother in the Village of Lombard to visit the western suburbs of DuPage County for the weekends.

Some of Paul Rathe’s LGBT friends visited my brother and mother at 342 West Harrison Street near Elizabeth and Finley Road by the Lombard Park District.

Other LGBT friends of Paul Rathe were referred to the Lombard home of Mr. Roberto Hung, his daughter, and son-in-law, when all three of them were working during the day, afternoon, and nights, out-of-town, and around the Chicagoland area.

Friday, June 22, 2012

How Did I Get Injured As A Lombard Resident Homeowner in DuPage County, Illinois USA?

I became injured by a Lombard Policeman who stumped my right foot and broke my big toe after he offered to take me home and walked into the Master Bedroom at our Lombard Brick Bungalow, 502 South Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard, in Lombard. I had been working as a Certified Languages Interpreter and Translator in Aurora for Interlate Languages Systems, Inc., Illinois. I was hit on the head from behind while the Lombard Policeman was in the Master Bedroom and suffered from a severe head concussion that made me unconscious and unable to walk with the broke right toe and injured right foot caused by the Lombard Policeman. I was kidnapped from the Master Bedroom while I lived as a Lombard resident homeowner in District 5, York Township, Du Page County, Illinois USA.
On another occasion, while I was sleeping in the Master Bedroom, strangers came into my bedroom and began to induce injections around my neck and body, before I was kidnapped and removed from my bed.

The third time I was kidnapped from the Master Bedroom after Midnight, I was sleeping and several skin-headed men surrounded my bed and began to pull me away and carried me out of the Master Bedroom while I was wearing my pajamas, dragged me outside to the street where the Lombard neighbors John, Liz, Shawn, Brian, and other witnesses saw them force me outside and took me away from the Lombard Historic Brick Bungalow at 502 South Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard in District 5, York Township, DuPage County, Illinois USA.

The fourth time was in October of the year 2000 and I ended up at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital.

After my Father Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor purchased a Lombard Historic Brick Bungalow built in 1927, I began to get injured as a Lombard resident homeowner at 502 South Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard in District 5, York Township, Du Page County, Illinois USA.  My Father lived upstairs on the second level “in-law” apartment and Nathan and I lived on the first floor.  Our family shared the basement after we purchased a New Montgomery Ward Washer and Dryer set, as well as a new Sears Kenmore Dishwasher downstairs.  My Father also purchased a New Toro Snowblower from the Lombard Toro Dealer on Westmore-Meyers Road and a New Sears Gas Lawn Mower.  I purchased a New Sears Deluxe Lawn Mower in Oak Brook, Illinois USA.
During 1994, I was living and residing in the Village of Lombard where I continued my work teaching, interpreting and translating in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese in the Chicagoland area working for Berlitz Schools of Languages in Chicago with June the receptionist, Josepha, Mila for ESL Training and other business professionals and colleagues, Hinsdale, Oak Brook, Schaumburg, and the Arroyave Academy of Languages in Arlington Heights and Highland Park, North Shore for Lake County, in Illinois USA. In addition, I found a newspaper listing “Help Wanted” advertising from Interlate Language Systems, Inc. owned by Brad White and managed by Renee Hodstatter, and Jacquie Guiter who assigned Interpreting and Translation during the week from Elgin and Aurora, Kane County, Illinois. In addition, I also worked for Carmen Kenny & Associates, Gloria Domenech & Associates, Burg Translations with Agatha and John, Access Business Translation with Rosa Ridderbusch in Lake Zurich, Illinois. After I moved to Lombard, I began to work with Linguistic Systems in Massachusetts, Inlingua Schools of Languages managed by Joyce, Kelly Killian, Kara, and Public Information Access (PIA), Inc. also known as Interactive Media World Wide on Orleans St. and Chicago Avenue for the TOUCH Network Kiosks sponsored by the State of Illinois Office of Tourism with Lee Seitelman from Oak Park, Larry Goldstick, Patrick Dimperio, Mike, Alison, Larry, Glen Koltz, and other language translators and interpreters like Patty Jacobs who lived in Glendale Heights, Illinois, USA.
The same year in 1994, Nathan Scott Wittler Patriquin’s parents, Reverend Melvin A. Wittler and Mrs. Nancy Wittler Patriquin visited the Village of Lombard for the first time and stayed at our Lombard home for two (2) weeks on the first floor. Also, my Aunt Xiomara Fong Ramos de Zayas came from Santiago de Cuba and visited Lombard in 1994 and stayed with my Mother and Brother at their first Lombard home located at 342 West Harrison and Elizabeth Street, near Finley Road and the Lombard Park District in Du Page County, Illinois USA. There was a big Family Reunion at the Lombard Historic Brick Bungalow when Nathan’s Parents and My Aunt from Cuba decided to stay for a vacation during Lilac Time 1994 in Lombard, Du Page County, Illinois USA. My Father, Mr. Roberto Hung hosted all the house guests and visitors to breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Lombard, DuPage County, and in the Chicagoland area, during their visit in Illinois, USA. We drove everyone around Lilac Town and the Chicagoland area in Illinois USA.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Traumatic Brain Injury Experience as a Lombard Resident Homeowner

The Brain Injury Association of Illinois is celebrating Brain Injury Awareness during the month of March 2012. I can personally support traumatic brain injury awareness in March 2012 because I have been a Victim of Traumatic Brain Injury after I was struck with a blunt object to the head and passed out, following kidnapping, abuse, and torture while I was a Lombard resident homeowner at 502 South Westmore-Meyers Road and Washington Boulevard, in District 5, near St. Pius X Catholic Church, in York Township, Du Page County, Illinois USA.

I have been abused and physically injured several times with a traumatic brain injury to prevent me from recognizing the kidnappers that sequestered me from the Master Bedroom in my Lombard home. I have been hit to the head by criminals who do not want to me appear before a Court Hearing and testify as a witness to abuse and as a Lombard resident homeowner Victim of Heinous Hate Crimes, near St. Pius X Catholic Church, in District 5, Du Page County, Illinois.

In addition, several family members have also suffered from traumatic brain injury following a blunt hit to the head while living as Lombard resident homeowners in Lilac Town and other cities in the United States of America and abroad.

The Marianjoy Rehabilitation Franciscan Health Center in Wheaton and Oakbrook Terrace is known for providing emergency traumatic brain injury treatment in Illinois, U.S.A. My Father, Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor was a Victim of Traumatic Brain Injury after he was injured at home by intruders on December 22, 1996 in the evening. Roberto Hung was operated for an aneurysm and traumatic brain injury at Good Samaritan Advocate Hospital in Downers Grove, Edwards Hospital, Marianjoy Community Rehabilitation Center in Naperville, Manor Care Center in Naperville, Dr. Thomas Cornwell, M.D., Nancy Minch, R.N., Elmhurst Memorial Hospital in Elmhurst, and Dr. Raied Abdullah, Dr. Paul Grodzin, Dr. Cozzi, and other medical staff including Respiratory Ben Aguilar who throttled and murdered him at Vencor Northlake in Northlake, Illinois on June 18, 1998.

During March 2012, friends also remember their accidents resulting in traumatic brain injury while residing in Du Page County, Illinois. Traumatic Brain Injury is caused by a blunt hit to the head which causes a person to lose consciousness, suffer from blurry vision, lose recognition of surroundings, results in loss of memory, and damages brain processes and normal functioning of an individual including the ability to walk, talk, and work. Traumatic Brain Injury inflicted by a criminal trespasser, a mugger, or by assault is a federal crime in the United States of America and around the world resulting in criminal penalty and prison sentence.

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